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‘You’ve Messed With The Wrong Generation’, Peter Okoye Reacts As Shettima’s Audio On How Igbo Will Be Treated Leaks



….No Breathing Space For Oppressors, Nigerians React

Famous Nigerian singer and internet personality, Peter Okoye, known as Mr P, said Nigerian politicians have messed with the wrong generation.

The singer added that so many Nigerian youths on Twitter are now Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI and FORENSIC analysts as against the lazy youths they were termed.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari, who had in April 2018, described Nigerian youths as lazy, said most youths want to sit down and do nothing while relying on the claims that Nigeria is an oil-rich nation.

But Mr P, while reacting to a shocking leaked audio of the vice presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Kashim Shettima, on social media, said, “We have to change it for them”.

“From ‘LAZY NIGERIAN YOUTH’ we don change am for dem! We don dey do FBI and FORENSIC analysts! They really messed with the wrong generation.”

An audio recording with the voice of Shettima currently trending on social was heard revealing the plans of the North and West against the South East and Southsouth regions of Nigeria.

Shettima who claimed food is more consumed than fuel said “let me tell you what they will do to Igbos this time.

This is what Apc is trying to do to the Igbo’s in Nigeria, the whole world should hear this @AJEnglish @BBCNews @CNN @FoxNews @nytimes @cnnbrk @UjuAnya @firstladyship Arise TV Seyi Qatar #PeterObiForPresident #PeterObiForPresident2023

— F4D3.eth (@F4de777_) October 6, 2022

While sharing the audio message, on social media @F4de777_ wrote; this is what Apc is trying to do to the Igbo’s in Nigeria, the whole world should hear this.

@F4de777_; Let it be known that @officialABAT and Kasheem Shetimma have no interest in promoting unity and prosperity in Nigeria, after you hear this voice message you will understand why youths in the South East still don’t believe that Nigeria will ever accept them which led to IPOB.

@base_on_hustle; Is this real? If it’s real then big problem coming to Naija WTF

@Casinocrowns; Twitter FBI has brought justice to the country than the actual crime commissions. If I leave this app make I bend

@Blaisemat6; They called us Lazy Nigerian youths, so let’s keep them to their toes – hold them accountable.

@PEC_Concepts; it’s a digital generation. Analog has nothing over digital. Every move they make, we burst. They’re yet to realize is GAME OVER for their gimmicks. E go clear for their eyes

@officialsaspace; No breathing space for oppressors. We will discover what’s in their bedroom if they bring it online,

#Vawulence FBI department in action


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“My Heart Stopped Beating When I Lost You”, Actress Stella Damasus Remembers Late Husband



Actress Stella Damasus brought a wave of emotion to her Instagram followers. She commemorated the 19th anniversary of her late husband’s passing with a touching post.

In a heartfelt tribute, Damasus referred to him with affectionate titles such as “my teddy bear,” “my king,” and “my heartbeat.”

Her words conveyed deep sorrow and an undying love, sharing how his departure had initially stopped her heart. She emphasized the need to be strong for their children, a testament to her resilience and dedication as a mother.

”19 years gone. My JAY, My Jaibad, my teddy bear, my lover, my king, husband of my youth, my knight in shining armor, my gist partner, my teacher, my padi, my heartbeat, father of my children.

My heart literally stopped when Iost you. But it had to start beating again for the sake of the girls. We all miss you so much but we are strong just like you taught us to be. You are my angel. My lover forever.

You will never be forgotten. NEVER. It doesn’t get any easier with each passing year, but I am holding on to the promise that we will meet again to part no more. I love you forever my lover. Hmmmm! It is well.

Continue to rest my love. #rip

Damasus’ post went beyond remembrance, going into how she and her daughters cope with the loss. She described their collective effort to uphold the strength that her late husband had instilled in them. Their ongoing struggle with his absence was clear, yet so was their determination to honor his memory by living the values he had taught.

Recall that Stella had candidly discussed her failed marriage with Daniel Ademinokan in a revealing podcast interview with Teju Babyface. Damasus shared the shocking way she discovered her divorce – through social media. She recounted the pain of learning about the dissolution of her marriage and the hurtful words used by her husband to describe their union, all while she was left in the dark.

The actress opened up about the betrayal she felt, having believed her marriage to Ademinokan was a deep and soulful connection. She had thought they shared similar mindsets and dreams. The revelation of her husband’s departure, along with his subsequent refusal to return, marked a significant emotional blow for Damasus, making it her second heartbreak after the loss of her first husband.

Further complicating matters, her ex-husband, Ademinokan, seemingly threw shade at Damasus following her public discussion of their split. His cryptic social media post, featuring a warning sign, was widely interpreted as a signal to Damasus to refrain from discussing their relationship publicly.


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How Abuga Abandoned Me And His Child After Promising To Marry Me” Baby Mama To Portable’s New Signee Cries Out



In a recent turn of events, Abuga, the latest artist signed under Potable’s record label, has found himself in the middle of a controversy.

The issue surfaced when a woman claiming to be his baby mama released a heart-wrenching video on social media. In the video, she’s seen holding a child, allegedly Abuga’s, pleading with the public to help her reach out to Abuga. She accuses him of neglecting his paternal duties and abandoning them.

The woman’s plea is laden with emotion as she recounts how Abuga, despite promises of marriage and a future together, has been unreachable for months, leaving her to struggle as a single mother. Her story paints a picture of broken promises and a man shirking his responsibilities. She emphasizes the pain of raising a child without a father’s support, highlighting a narrative that is unfortunately common yet deeply personal.

This controversy comes at a time when Potable’s label is still reeling from past issues with another signee, Yung Du. Potable had openly expressed regret over signing Yung Du, accusing him of bringing bad luck and causing discord within the label. The decision to sign Abuga was made shortly after Yung Du’s departure, suggesting a new direction for the label. However, this latest controversy seems to put Potable’s judgment into question once again.

The situation poses a challenge not only for Abuga but also for Potable’s label, which is striving to establish a reputable standing in the industry. It’s a test of how they handle internal conflicts and controversies involving their artists. The public’s eye is now closely watching how Abuga and Potable’s label will address these serious allegations.

You all should help me tell @abugaofficial to do the right thing it’s been few months now he refuse to pick my calls or messages I’m tired of been a single mother this was not initial plan 9 he promised me marriage he said we don’t need to fix a date for my introduction but he stopped picking my call she’s 6months already with no fatherly care I’m tired already and I can’t take it anymore (a fa fa fo y’all should help me beg him im pained no woman deserves this.


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“I Am Getting Better And I Feel Better” Jayboogie Gives Update On Health Post BBL surgery



Popular Nigerian personality Jayboogie has recently addressed the serious accusations of scamming Nigerians.

These allegations centered around Jayboogie’s health issues and the supposed need for a kidney transplant following complications from a BBL surgery.

In a candid statement on social media, Jayboogie set the record straight. He explained that he never claimed he needed a kidney transplant. The rumors, he says, were not started by him. His real ordeal began with an injury to his kidney, which was a consequence of the BVL surgery. To lend credence to his story, he shared images of himself both in the surgical room and during his painful recovery.

Jayboogie recounted the harrowing experience of not being able to urinate for 12 hours post-surgery, which led to panic and an urgent referral to Lagoon Hospital on October 31, 2023. Despite undergoing a plasma exchange in an attempt to resolve the issue, his condition did not improve.

The situation was further aggravated by intense media scrutiny, prompting Zenith Hospital, where he was admitted, to discharge him and advise dialysis from home. Jayboogie highlighted the mental toll the controversy and public backlash took on him, including receiving death threats. This led him to take a break from social media and limit communication for his mental health, supported by his family’s decision to ensure his privacy.

In his statement, Jayboogie categorically denied allegations of scamming the public. He affirmed that he did suffer from sepsis and acute kidney injury, which necessitated a period of dialysis. However, he joyfully shared that as of November 28, he was discharged and is currently recuperating. He is still under medication but is optimistic about his recovery.

Jayboogie concluded his statement by expressing his sincere gratitude to everyone who supported him financially and emotionally during this difficult time. His response to these allegations sheds light on the complexities faced by public figures when their personal struggles become intertwined with public perception and misinformation.


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