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Singer, Oxlade In Big Mess After His Sex Tape With A Strange Lady Surfaces Online (Watch Video)



…Nigerians React

Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Oxlade is currently trending on social media after his alleged sεx tape with a mysterious lady found its way to the internet.

Although it’s not yet confirmed if the person in the video is Oxlade, the leaked sεx tape captured a young man who looks just like the 24-year-old singer giving hot stokes to an unidentified lady while recording their hot sεx session.

Another video making the rounds shows the fast rising singer recording himself in his birthday suit and dangling his manhοοd in a provoking manner.


It’s unclear if this is a case of blackmail, but rumours have it that the singer created a Snapchat streak and gave it to a buddy to illustrate how he smashed the girl, but the friend recorded the streak on his phone and published it online.

The videos have since gone viral online and most social media users appear to be praising Oxlade’s segxwal skills, and this subject appears to have dominated the Twitter trends.

Since the emergence of the video, the singer has been likened to great porn stars, such as: Johnny Sins and Nasir. 

Reactions from Nigerians below:

OmobolanlePrincessPurple heart



Twitter guys: I sabi knack pass oxlade. 



Tiwa Savage and this guy when they meet. 

iZeezhuPregnant woman


“Don’t call me oxlade, my name’s horse laid”



He did us proud.

Man genie‎أمينMan genie


Clean strokes, choke her, deep kiss, make her laugh, change positions and smash!!! Na him footstep I de follow now. 

Mahrex Owl


I always knew he was Wild When I watched that Joeboy prank video where Joeboy told him they leaked his Sextape and he was like “With her or personally” 

Attah Akor


Oxlade after seeing tweets about his stroke game. 



Make i run cook as e dey hot! 

So Tiwa’s sextape leaked the other day, Y’all

were bashing her 

His sextape has leaked now and y’all are propping him ? 

It’s the double standards for me.. Nigerian Men need to grow up fr.”

/\/\|) Lion face


Oxlade : pa pa pa pa pa pa pa 

Her : why did you stop, huhhh babe

Oxlade :

YemsssSun with faceOrange heartSun with face


Make him leave music start porn, this dick has to go round. 



Listen to the GOAT una no hear… “The D is Golden”!!! Him don break rule of law Face with tears of joy. 

:)Flag of United StatesFlag of NigeriaBaby angel


Oxlade: Baby come to my house I dey fear ojuju

Oxlade: I lied there’s no ojuju.



KRAKS Tv knew this whole Oxlade shit is most def going to happen!

lee to the mao!

The only true Prophetic tv 


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Why I Regretted Dinning With My Enemy, Actress Monalisa Chinda Opens Up



Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda Coker has recollected the day she went dining with an enemy.

The beautiful mother of two, shared a throwback photo of herself as she reminisced on her past days.

Monalisa recollected how she had a dining with someone, who turned out to be an enemy.

According to the movie star, she didn’t know she was dining with the enemy.

“On this day, I had no idea I was dining with the enemy”.

Spilling more about the incident, Monalisa stated that the ‘witch’ couldn’t understand why Monalisa was progressive and so blessed.

Advising her fans, she told them to pray for God to open their eyes to see beyond the physical realm.

“As innocent as I was…the witch couldn’t understand why I am so blessed…listen people! Always pray for God to open your eyes to see beyond the physical realm”.

She added, “In the case of this person’s experience, it as a mix of envy, entitlement, taking one for granted, unnecessary malice which of course came out of greed and witchcraft and uncalled for wickedness which led to her undoing, exposure and now legal issues. At the end she will end up loosing the very same thing that made her become so toxic in the first place. And what would have been the purpose of all of that

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“This Is What I Look Like In Real Life” Actress Biodun Okeowo Sends Message To Her Admirers



Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo popularly known as Omoborty has sent an important message to her admirers.

The Yorubas actress, while sharing an anime of a chubby lady, advised her admirers to beware of her body shape.

According to the actress, this is what she looked like in real life.

Biodun Okeowo made this known as she noted how her dms are freaking hot.

“Before you jump into my DMs, just know I look like this.

Thought I should let you all know because my dm is freaking hot”.

For those hoping to date Biodun Okeowo, the actress is in a relationship.

Biodun Okeowo’s man surprises her with huge money cake, cakes, shoes and more as birthday gift

Recall that Biodun Okeowo had penned an appreciation post to her man for the grand surprise he gave her on her birthday.

To celebrate her birthday, her man pulled off a surprise party for her. Biodun revealed that he had planned with her inner circle to surprise her with extravagant gifts.

Biodun Okeowo’s man had gifted her huge money cake, cake, shoes, box of money and many more.

Taken aback with the huge surprise, Biodun Okeowo appreciated him for the love.

“Hmmm love is indeed a beautiful thing.

Words can quantify how happy and mesmerized I was.

You planned this with Ifeoluwa and you guys got me.

Lol deceived me out of the house.

Thanks so much my support system. Your pocket will never run dry. You will not know a better yesterday. I LOVE YOU.

I have decided to tag you this time @akremad”.

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‘Nigerians Please Hire Who You Can Fire’ Okon Lagos Advises



It is approximately eighteen days to the 2023 general election in Nigeria. The country is currently in disarray over the inability of the government to see to the well-being of its citizens. From the scarcity of fuel to the shortage of funds due to the change of colour of three denominations.

To some extent, uncertainty lies in the heart of the majority respective of the presidential candidates that will take over from President Muhamadu Buhari. While some celebrities have come out with their full chest to declare their support for their candidate, others have resorted to social media brawl.

Ime Bishop better known as Okon Lagos, one of Nigeria’s comic actors has once again advised Nigerians to make the right decision in the 2023 general election.

Okon Lagos who has publicly declared his support for the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Gregory Obi took to his Instagram page to advise Nigerians to hire who they can fire.

According to Okon Lagos, it is easier to fire Peter Obi if he doesn’t perform well; however, the other candidates under the Peoples Democratic Party and All Progressive Congress cant be fired. He urged everyone to be sensible in voting.

He wrote: “Nigerians Please HIRE who you can FIRE. It’s easier to fire OBI in the very unlikely event of bad performance. As for the other two, if dem enter, e Don be o! Another 8 wasted years of suffer like this one now!!! 25th is just here. Have sense!!!

“It is only a fool that will hire a person he can’t fire. You also cannot fire who you did not hire. please HAVE SENSE!!!”

Okon Lagos reveals he will sell his vote

Recall that Okon Lagos shocked many after he vowed to sell his vote.

The comic actor stated that the constant kicking against selling one’s votes doesn’t concern him as his vote is for sale at the right price. However, he would be considerate enough not to demand for an exorbitant price.

Revealing the price he wants, Bishop Umoh said he only needs 1,460,000.

He said, “Don’t sell your vote no concern me because I have my PVC and I will sell my vote. I will sell it and at the right price. A very considerate and generous price because of you. These politicians appear in your life once in every four years and come and buy votes in polling unit and disappear. My vote I will sell and I will give my vote at a giveaway price at 1,000 dollars a day. There are 365 days in a year multiplied by 4 years that makes it 1460 days. 1000 dollars times 1460 is 1,460,000. That is my price for selling my vote for 4 years”

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