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School Reopening: Ogun Govt Cancels COVID-19 Test Requirement For Students



Governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun, on Monday, cancelled the initially announced Covid-19 test requirement for resuming pupils in exiting classes.

There has been outrage by parents of pupils in private secondary schools in the state over the request of N25,000 COVID-19 test fee by the government.

But in a statement on Monday evening titled, “Ogun Makes COVID-19 Test Free For All Returning SS3 Boarding Students”, the governor stepped down COVID-19 test as a requirement for each graduating pupil to resume.

Abiodun also apologised for “inconvenience and confusion” experienced by some protesting parents on Sunday.

The statement read, “After reviewing these developments, I have today immediately directed that the Government Laboratories carry out tests for all returning SS3 boarding students at no cost. I have also directed that all those who have paid for tests be refunded. The health of our children remains our utmost priority.

“However, in view of the total number of boarding students to be tested (5,340private and 500 public), and bearing in mind the limitation of our installed testing capacity of 500 tests per day, it may not be feasible for all boarding students to get tested and get their results prior to resumption or even exams which commence on 17th August 2020.

“Consequently, the State Government has, therefore, stepped down the COVID-19 test as a mandatory requirement for returning students in our exit classes.

“We, therefore, enjoin Private School owners to exercise their duty of care to their pupils. The admittance of students into boarding houses in private secondary schools will be at the discretion of the management and the Parents Teachers Association of such private schools.

“Ogun State Government recommends that students who do not have to stay in the boarding house should attend school from home, especially those with underlying health conditions.

“I have also directed the provision of face masks to all students in both private and public schools.

“The inconvenience and confusion experienced yesterday are highly regrettable and my sincere apologies to the parents and students so affected.

“The quality and standard of education and well being of our children are issues that are very dear to my heart.

“I appreciate the cooperation, support, resilience and understanding of all the people of Ogun State towards flattening the curve of COVID-19. It is my prayer that this phase will end soonest.”

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Buhari Promises Legacy Of Credible Elections In Nigeria And West Africa



President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to leave a legacy of free and fair elections in Nigeria and the West African sub-region at large.

The Nigerian leader will finish his second term next year and has reiterated his desire to conduct a hitch-free election, adding that the country is committed to a stable West Africa.

He said this on Monday at the 2022 second ordinary session of the ECOWAS parliament in Abuja, according to a statement from presidential aide Femi Adesina.

“We are convinced that the sustenance of democracy and the rule of law should remain the norm in this promising region,” he said.

“There will be multiple political activities in some ECOWAS member states, including Nigeria, where general elections are due to be held in February and March 2023. Let me seize this opportunity to reiterate my commitment to free, fair, and transparent elections and smooth transitions. This is one legacy that I want my administration to bequeath, not only to Nigeria but to the region as a whole.”

Buhari said threats to peace and security, political instability, and the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war are the biggest challenges facing West Africa.

‘‘It is on record that the region has not rested on its oars as we have always striven to evolve effective regional mechanisms to address these challenges.
‘‘For example, at the height of the pandemic, Heads of State of ECOWAS appointed me as the ECOWAS champion on COVID-19,” he said.

‘‘Working with three Ministerial Committees comprising Member States’ Ministers of Health, Finance, and Transportation, we developed an effective response by mitigating the effect of COVID-19 on our citizens. Our efforts yielded positive results as the ECOWAS region became one of the sub-regions least affected by the pandemic, in terms of mortality rate.”

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‘Beware Of Thieves In UK, US,’ FG Advises Nigerians



The Federal Government has advised Nigerians in the United States, the United Kingdom and European countries to beware of thieves dispossessing travellers of their belongings.

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammad gave the advice on Monday at the 5th Edition of the President Muhammadu Buhari Administration Scorecard.

“It has come to the attention of the government that Nigerian travellers to the United States and some countries in Europe are having their belongings, especially money and international passports, stolen at an increasingly high rate,” he said.

“The most recent victims of this are travelers to the UK, most of whom were dispossessed of their belongings at high-brow shops, particularly in the high street of Oxford.

“We have therefore decided to advise Nigerians travelling to Europe and the United States to take extra precautions to avoid being dispossessed of their belongings,” the minister added.

The US and the UK had in October warned of possible terror attacks in Abuja, especially at government buildings, places of worship, schools and other centres where large crowds gather. Both countries also commenced the evacuation of their citizens from the Nigerian political capital.

However, Mohammed dismissed the terror alerts, saying the government won’t be stampeded and that Nigeria is safer than in May 2015 when Buhari came into office.

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Ekiti Assembly: Our SANs Reacted In The Heat Of Passion -APC



Ekiti All Progressives Congress (APC) has reacted to the submission of seven senior lawyers from the state over the crisi in the House of Assembly.

Bellow is the reaction, signed by Segun Dipe, Publicity Secretary:

“We are forced to comment once again on the reaction of our seven legal legends in Ekiti, sequel to the brouhaha that ensued in the Ekiti State House of Assembly Ekiti recently.

We are aware that some crisis merchants are trying to capitalise on the situation on ground to read unintended meanings to the intervention of the 7 SANs of Ekiti origin as well as the reaction of our great party.

We therefore express our unmitigated respect for these men in silk, who represent our best brains in the legal profession and state clearly that their intention, to the best of our understanding, does not tamper with that of our party, which is to ensure that only the best is good for our state.

May we reiterate that as the ruling party, holding sway in both the executive and legislative arms of government in the state, we are in _loco parentis_ to all political office holders, both the elected and appointed under the auspices of our party. Since we stand to benefit more from a peaceful reign in the land than anyone else and we equally stand the risk of being negatively affected by any crisis more than anyone else, we cannot afford to play a _siddon look_ game.

We are therefore convinced that every intervention in the seeming commotion would be for a peaceful reign in the state, which, as we said earlier, will be of great benefit to our party and not the other way round. All our intentions are geared towards giving the best to the state.

Our party cannot afford to hold any grudge with anyone, especially the best of our legal minds at this point. Like every well meaning Ekiti son and daughter, they have come with their best of intentions to ensure that the peace that had characterised the affairs of the state from the time of Dr. John Kayode Fayemi is not tampered with in any form.

We believe strongly that our illustrious SANs waded into the crisis in the heat of passion, without malice, and that their initial views might have been tampered with, unlike now that they are better informed and have a better understanding of what actually transpired in the House.

With the transition that took place recently, which our party could not have been aloof from, all we wished for was stability in the land and not the reverse. Ekiti will only be better for it if there is a stable and progressive government in place that can continue from where the last administration of Dr. John Kayode Fayemi stopped, and not otherwise.

Even when the opposition party was in the majority in the Assembly both under Rt Hon Tunji Odeyemi in his first term and Rt Hon Alagbada in his second term, there was no interference of any sort from the executive arm, yet no conflict. The two gentlemen are still alive for any doubting Thomas to approach.

We will like those reading our party’s intervention in ensuring that sanity prevailed in the House after the passing of Rt. Hon. Funminiyi Afuye wrongly as that of Dr. Fayemi, the immediate past governor, to desist from doing so. We, as a party, take absolute responsibility for our actions.

The crisis merchants and forum shoppers running to our legal legends for adjudication in purely House Matters resolvable by only the members using their House rules, should tell the whole world what they stand to gain by heaping the blame on the ex-Governor, who is now engaged with the national assignment of our great party.

If Fayemi did not interfere in the house matters while on seat, why now that he has moved on? While exonerating the ex-Gov from the situation and passing a vote of confidence on him, we wish to take full responsibility for our action as a party in what is happening among our members in the House of Assembly. As their political parent, we are concerned and are pro-active in ensuring that only the best, which is good for the people of Ekiti, happens in the House, just like we have ensured that a very reliable, responsible and competent person in Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, BAO, took the mantle of executive leadership after Dr. Fayemi who regained the lost values for our state.

Ekiti deserves the best always. For as long as our party continues to produce those in power, courtesy of all well-meaning electorates, we will continue to do everything within our reach to give the state the best materials at all times. We will not impose, yet we will not allow anyone to hijack power in the name of political manipulation.

This is our stand.


Segun Dipe
Publicity Secretary,
All Progressives Congress (APC),
Ekiti State.

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