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“My Music Not For Grammy Awards But Social Change” – Femi Kuti



The first son of late Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti, Femi Anikulapo-Kuti, has said that he does not do music to win Grammy awards but to make an impact in society.

Kuti who has been nominated for Grammy awards four times has said that his music career is based on talking about social and political issues. He says if he was targeting Grammy Awards, he would not be based in Nigeria.

“My career was never built on winning awards. It was based on talking about social and political issues. If my career were built on winning the Grammys, I would probably not be based in Nigeria. I would set up somewhere in American and be lobbying for it” he told Beat FM 99.9.

“It’s really political, you must be there, they must see you and you must be fighting for it. I would be working with the best musicians to put a big image of my people out there. If I use big American artists to distribute my music it is already a Grammy-nominated album. The Grammy already knows who I am.”

Kuti said as a musician, his fulfillment will be in a prosperous Nigeria and Africa, adding that no award will bring such satisfaction.

“Most important for me and my career, is, if I can wake up and have electricity forever if we have good salaries for everybody, pensions are paid, the roads are good, and Africa is a big party where I can drive my car from Lagos to Nairobi, Johannesburg, and the place is booming with love, no award can bring me such satisfaction,” Kuti said.

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Twitter post: ‘This Is Pure Wickedness, You’re Not God’, Comedian Mr Macaroni Blasts Aisha Buhari Over Aminu Adamu’s Arrest



Famous Nigerian skit maker and social activist, Debo Adebayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, has called on the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, to go to court if she has any grievance over Aminu Adamu’s criticism.

Mr Macaroni also advised her to use her power to serve and not oppress the people.

He made the statement on Tuesday via his verified Twitter handle.

Recall that Aisha Buhari and the Department of State Services (DSS) are facing criticism over the arrest of Adamu, after a remark on Twitter.

Adamu, a student of the Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State, is in detention for commenting on Aisha’s weight.

However, following the illegal detention of Adamu over his comment, Mr Macaroni has come out to say that the First Lady is not bigger than the citizens.

He wrote, “Madam First Lady, you are not God!!! If you have any grievance whatsoever, go to court!!! You are not bigger than the Citizens of Nigeria, neither are you bigger than the Law!! You should use your power to serve the people, not oppress them!!
Free Aminu!!!

“President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife suffered so many insults. Even from people who are in this present government.

“APC trolls curse and insult some of us here every day. We dey chest am. The ones we can’t chest, we go to court!
“Madam First Lady, stop abusing power!!!

“I can speak so much about issues like this because I have been a victim of oppression and brutality and I know how horrible the experience is!!! If you are being held by security agents with backing from political figures, they will do the unthinkable!! Dem go lick you finish!!”

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2023: Why Nigerians Must Vote Wisely For Peter Obi, Singer, Mr P Opens Up



Peter Okoye of the P-Square music group says Nigeria has only two tribes, which according to him are the poor and the rich people.

The popular music star, who is a staunch supporter of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, made the claim in a tweet on his verified Twitter handle.

According to the tweet, the inability of the poor masses to unite and fight for better governance, had kept them as slaves to the few rich Nigerians.

He called on Nigerians, particularly eligible voters, to make wise decisions while casting their votes in the forthcoming general elections.

He wrote, “We only have two Tribes in Nigeria, THE POOR and THE RICH. The poor are higher in number while the rich are fewer but the rich managed to keep the poor in perpetual slavery because the poor have refused to unite and fight for their freedom. 2023 election Vote Wisely #ObiDatti023”.

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I’m Not Ready For December, Comedian Bovi Makes Public Appeal To God



Nigerian comedian and actor, Bovi Ugboma has taken to social media to make a public appeal to God.

The father of three took to his Instagram story to appeal to God to hold on to the last month of the year, December because he is not ready.

He wrote: God abeg can you hold this DECEMBER by just one week? Abeg. I’m not ready.

December, the last month of the year holds the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth and the cross over into a new year. It is a month of celebration and merry where families and friends are expected to have a good time.

Recall that Bovi hailed his wife, Kris on their 13th wedding anniversary.

He shared a video of his wife from her behind, and praised her as ageless and weapon of mass destruction, for still possessing an attractive body stature and looking like young despite birthing three children.

Bovi also credited his wife for transforming him from a ‘wild animal’ to a ‘domestic’ being.

Captioning his video, he wrote: ‘Omalicha, small ynash big things…dem dey craze, see wife their father, is it easy to maintain me and survive, first person to tame me I behave, me wild animal you turn me to domestic’…fine girl, ageless, weapon of mass destruction…only you small body carry children 27 months…see babe…’, he said as he made a video of her.

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