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Gabriel Attal Resigns As French PM



France’s Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said he would offer his resignation to President Emmanuel Macron on Monday after his party failed to win a majority in parliamentary elections.

But he added that, if his resignation is refused, he was ready to remain in office “as long as duty demands”, with the Paris Olympics due to begin in three weeks.

Meanwhile, an alliance of French left-wing parties was on course Sunday to become the biggest parliamentary bloc by beating the far right and President Emmanuel Macron’s coalition, according to surprise projected results.

No one group won an absolute majority in the poll, plunging France into political limbo with no clear path to forming a new government, two days before a major NATO summit and three weeks before the Paris Olympics.

Attal said he would offer Macron his resignation on Monday but was ready to serve “as long as duty demands”, notably in light of the imminent Games.

The New Popular Front (NFP) — formed last month after Macron called snap elections — brought together the previously deeply-divided Socialists, Greens, Communists and the hard-left France Unbowed together in one camp.

Nevertheless, veteran presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (RN) led the race after the June 30 first round of voting, with opinion polls predicting that she would lead the biggest party in parliament after Sunday’s run-off.

But projections based on vote samples by four major polling agencies on Sunday showed no group on course for an absolute majority and the left-wing NFP ahead of both Macron’s centrist Ensemble and Le Pen’s eurosceptic, anti-immigration RN.

Macron, who has yet to speak in public about the projections, is calling for “prudence and analysis of the results”, said an aide, asking not to be named.

Le Pen, for her part, declared: “The tide is rising. It did not rise high enough this time, but it continues to rise and, consequently, our victory has only been delayed.”



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‘EndSARS Bandits, Labour Party Followers Gathering’ – Joe Igbokwe Warns



A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Lagos State, Joe Igbokwe, has raised the alarm that EndSARS bandits are beginning to gather again ahead of a protest in the state.

In a statement, Igbokwe said: “I am the leader of Ndigbo in APC Lagos. I have lived in Lagos for more than 40 years, and I understand Lago’s dynamics and politics very well.

“I know what I went through and what I experienced during the #Endsars protest in Lagos in October 2020, which opened a can of worms that shook the long-existing cordial relationship and understanding between Igbo and the owners of Lagos.

“The Endsars bandits are gathering again, and this time, we see hands of Labour Party followers everywhere. They are yet to come to terms with the colossal loss of 2023 presidential elections. They are still bitter to the marrows. They are not done yet. They are gathering again. They are networking again. They are spitting fire and brimstone once again. But dynamics have changed. It is not business as usual. But please know this and have inner peace: 2020 is not 2024. I will not speak further. Read my lips.”

Igbokwe further said: “A lot of lessons were learnt by the leaders of Lagos and they said, and I witnessed it with my own two eyes, that NEVER AGAIN will they allow any group of people or protesters to play the unfortunate October 2020 game in Lagos that led to massive destruction of the economic nerve centre and the pride of Nigeria. The destructive messages that were issued to them by their leader are still with the Lagos State Government.

“I am speaking as an insider who has seen it all and let me say this: If you are one of those bandits trying to stage a comeback to test the will of Lagos leaders and finish the unfinished business of destroying Lagos, I fear for you. Please, in the name of whatever you believe in, leave Lagos in your own interest. Read my lips and learn. You do not tell a deaf and dumb man that war has started. If he sees others running, he will run also. History has shown that men have not learnt anything from history.


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Kenyan President Names Ally ‘Acting’ Stand-In For Sacked Ministers



Kenyan President William Ruto named Wednesday his foreign minister as “acting cabinet secretary” for all ministries, nearly a week after dismissing almost his entire cabinet in an attempt to defuse deadly anti-government rallies.

The East African nation was left reeling after peaceful rallies last month over steep tax increases spiralled into violence that left dozens killed, and Ruto facing the most serious crisis of his presidency.

Scrambling to contain the fallout, he has embarked on a series of measures, including scrapping the finance bill containing the tax hikes, announcing government cuts, and last week dismissing almost all of his cabinet.

“Musalia Mudavadi… is assigned as the Acting Cabinet Secretary in all vacant Ministerial Portfolios,” according to a government Gazette Notice dated July 12, signed by the president, and released Wednesday.

Mudavadi, who holds the post of prime cabinet secretary and foreign minister, survived the cabinet purge on July 11 along with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Following the resignations, Ruto said that he would “immediately engage in extensive consultations across different sectors and political formations, with the aim of setting up a broad-based government”.

This government would, he said, help him to develop “radical programmes” to deal with the country’s huge debt burden, increase job opportunities, eliminate government waste and “slay the dragon of corruption”.

However, main opposition coalition Azimio said on Wednesday evening it would “not be part of proposed broad based or any other government”.

It said that it had considered “a people driven National Constitutional Convention as a possible pathway towards the resolution of the national crisis”.

The cabinet dismissals were the latest move by the increasingly embattled Kenyan president to calm tensions.

Ruto has sought dialogue with the demonstrators, but the movement has spiralled into a broader campaign against his administration, with protesters calling for action against corruption and justice for victims of alleged police brutality.

The initially peaceful rallies degenerated into violence that has left 50 dead and 413 injured since their start on June 18, according to the state-funded Kenya National Commission on Human Rights on Tuesday.

Rights groups have accused police of using disproportionate force against the protesters.

While large street protests have subsided, anger against the government has not, with Tuesday seeing smaller-scale rallies across Kenya.

Some demonstrators clashed with police, according to local media, with officers firing tear gas at small groups gathered to protest in the capital Nairobi.

Many of those attending the marches also carried signs with the still-popular hashtag #RutoMustGo.



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Court Adjourns Yahaya Bello’s Arraignment To Sept 25



Justice Emeka Nwite of the Federal High Court Abuja has adjourned proceedings on the alleged money laundering case instituted by the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) against the former Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, to September 25.

The judge, on Wednesday, said proceedings would continue despite the appeal filed by the defendant.

The lawyer to the former governor had told the court that the defendant had filed an application for a stay of proceedings on the case, pending the determination of the appeal before the appeal court on an arrest warrant earlier granted by the lower court and other rulings.

At the resumed hearing, counsel for the defendant, Abdulwahab Mohammed (SAN) argued that the court could not proceed on the matter until the pending appeal was determined, citing authorities.

However, counsel for the EFCC, Kemi Pinheiro, opposed this vehemently, saying the defendant had not shown any Court of Appeal document that the court wanted the lower court to stay the proceeding.

At that point, Justice Emeka Nwite asked whether having received the application and affidavit and being aware of the pending appeal, it would not amount to judicial rascality for his court to continue proceedings on the matter.

But the prosecution counsel said, “It is not really an issue of jurisdiction”, adding that in the face of Section 40, the mere filing of an affidavit could not suffice as the case was not a civil case.

He urged the court to stick to the matter of the day, which was the ruling on the arguments presented on June 27.

The defendant’s counsel, however, told the court that the judge was misled on the 27th of June and that the request was for the proceedings of that day to be expunged.

In his ruling, Justice Nwite said, “The grant of stay of proceedings is at the court’s discretion, and since it is an issue of discretion no one can give an authority for the judge to rely on. The judge only needs to exercise this power judicially.”

The judge, who had asked before the recess that would it not amount to judicial rascality to continue the case when there was an issue of jurisdiction, changed his position and noted that the defendant wanted to use the appeal to delay proceedings.

According to him, there have been previous Court of Appeal judgments on such matters.

He also granted the application for withdrawal of the defendant’s counsel, Adeola Adedipe (SAN), from the case and referred the matter of misconduct to the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee to investigate possible infractions.

Justice Nwite said having stated the law, “the question is whether there was an undertaking by Wahab (SAN) and Adedipe (SAN), which was breached to amount to contempt of court.”

He consequently adjourned the case to September 25 for arraignment.


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