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‘Corruption Of The Highest Order’, Nigerians Knock Sanwo-Olu Over Procurement Scandal



Many Nigerianson social media have called out the Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, saying that some of his spending were insensitive over a document shared online which revealed his administration procurement record.

Funsho Doherty, governorship candidate of the Action Democratic Congress (ADC) in the 2023 poll in an open letter analysed the register of public procurement awards by the Lagos government for the second and third quarters of 2023 and listed some projects awarded by the state government that require greater scrutiny.

The open letter has continued to generate comments and reactions among Lagosians and Nigerians at large on social media since it was made public by Doherty.

Recall that the Lagos state government approved N581m to renovate Saint Andrews Anglican Church in the Oke-Popo area of the state.

The Lagos state government also approved N73.1m to produce the official portraits of President Bola Tinubu and the state governor, Sanwo-Olu.

Another sum of N440,750,000 was awarded to the office of the chief of staff for the procurement of a brand new Lexus LX 600 Bulletproof Sport Utility Vehicle for use in the Pool of Office of Chief.

Similarly, a sum of N44.8m was approved for the clearing of vegetables within the Epe Mixed Development Scheme.

It was gathered that the project was awarded in May to M/S Obak Nigeria Enterprises by the Lagos State New Towns Development Authority.

However, many Nigerians who reacted expressed dismay with the procurement record and criticised the administration’s spending, noting that some were unjustifiable in the present economic reality in the country.

Reacting to the procurement document, Olusegun Onigbinde, director of BudgIT, said the revelation shows that Nigerian leaders were not in turn with reality.

“Nigerian leaders live in alternate universe. Damn!!! N30m monthly empowerment programme for wife of Deputy Governor. Taxpayers dey work, politicians and friends dey chop,” Onigbinde said.

Similarly, activist Rinu Oduala, said the revelation by Doherty tells why some people would not allow free and fair polls in Lagos State.

“It’s evident why some would rather die than conduct free and fair elections,” Rinu said.

Michael Onu said some people would never want free and fair election just to maintain their hegemony and control of the structure.

“A part of this country depends on fraudulent census and fraudulent elections to maintain its hegemony. They will never allow free and fair elections.This is a deep thing young people don’t understand.

“Those who want free elections must fight to get it, I mean FIGHT!”

Another X user, Concerned Nigerians, said revelation was an indication that APC was just banking on the fact that Nigerians are lazy.

According to him, “Thank You Sir for taking your time out to do this, 7m for air fresheners. 2b for rechargeable fans and fridge for one office. 500m to renovate church.

“Among other things pointed out APC are just banking on the fact that Nigerians are too lazy to read.”

Another user by the name, Kelvin, said impunity had encouraged corruption and siphoning of public resources in Nigeria.

“Nobody will manage his private business this way, why things like this will persist is because people don’t go to jail for mismanagement and plundering of Government resources,” Kelvin said.

Lukman Yusuf Adamu said: “Every madman in Nigeria has his own style of showcasing it.”

Shafiu Yusuf said: “Vegetables or weeds, I don’t understand ooh.: Moses Healer

Agbo Adikwu said: “What a country.”

@iam_wilsons said, “This is ridiculous. Nigerian politicians are eternally wicked.”

@DJDaley wrote, “And to think that minimum wage in Lagos State is N30,000 only.

@olufemi It very obvious that the Lagos State Governor does not mean well for Lagosians. What exactly are you renovating in a church with that huge some of amount.

@dekola I am really shocked with this records and the amount budget for such renovation.

@ify This is pure corruption of the highest order by the Lagos State Govt. It still beat my imagination on why the govt will spend such huge amount of money to renovate a church.

@dejavu Lagosians are suffering but our governor can approve tax payers money to refurbish a church. Come to think of it, are they building a new church?

@aliu We have come to a level where our govt can squander our money on things that requires less amount.

@Samad Sanwo-Olu has shown that he is still serving Tinubu. Again, spending such amount of money to renovate a church is pure exploitation from those Lagosians that pays their tax.


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Edo Guber: APC Accuses Obaseki Of Using Police To Intimidate Members



Ahead of the September 21 governorship election in Edo, the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has raised the alarm over alleged intimidation by Governor Godwin Obaseki and threats of arrest by the Commissioner of Police in the state.

In a petition addressed to the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Police Affairs and the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, the APC Chairman in Edo State, Jarrett Tenebe, said the intimidation by Obaseki, using security apparatus in the state, will be resisted.

He stated that the State Commissioner of Police has already invited him as part of moves to weaken opposition parties in the state and create an atmosphere of fear ahead of the election.

Tenebe urged the IGP, the Senate, and the Police Service Commission to call the Commissioner of Police in Edo State to order to avoid the breakdown of law and order.

The petition read: “I am the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Edo state chapter, and have the honor and privilege to bring to your attention the high level of intimidation and harassment being orchestrated by the Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki.

“While it’s safe under the Freedom of Information Act that anyone who feels dissatisfied with any policy implementation of the government at any level can ask questions about the same, the Edo State Governor does not see the effectiveness of any opposition to his government policies.

“To make good his threat of strangulating any opposition, he deploys all forms of security apparatus within the state, both conventional and self-created, to carry out his vindictiveness.

“He has promised to deal mercilessly with any person who dares him, particularly at this time of our electioneering in the state. Against the backdrop of the aforesaid, he has deployed the office of the Commissioner of Police to cause my arrest just for political reasons. I have been informed at my party secretariat that, in my absence, police brought an invitation for me to be interviewed by the Commissioner of Police over a petition written against me by the governor.

“Information at my disposal is that the governor has ordered the police to lay siege at my party secretariat where we are to perform the inauguration of our campaign council tomorrow with a view to arresting me just to score a political point.

“I thereby solicit your timely intervention by transferring the said case, if any, to your office for a discreet investigation. I count on your esteemed office in doing justice to this unwarranted harassment.”


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Poverty Fundamental Threat To Nigeria’s Democracy, Says Dogara



A former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has said that poverty is a fundamental threat to Nigeria’s democracy.

Dogara made the statement at an event in Lagos, where he spoke on the topic, ‘Democracy and the Free Market Economy’.

He stressed that widespread poverty among Nigerian citizens indicated that democracy was not serving the majority effectively.

“Our democracy is not working for the majority of our citizens. Although they are alive and free, they lack the means to pursue happiness.

“Poverty is a greater threat to democracy than weak institutions because it deprives poor citizens of their political voice and prevents them from holding their governments accountable; shattering public trust in democratic institutions,” he said.

The former Speaker, who represented the Bogoro/Dass/Tafawa-Balewa Federal Constituency for 16 years and served as Speaker of the 8th Assembly, highlighted the importance of utilizing democratic rights to build an inclusive economy that empowers the majority of Nigerians to reach their full potential.


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Reps Panel Recommends Acquisition Of New Aircraft For Tinubu, Shettima



The House of Representatives Committee on National Security and Intelligence has asked the Federal Government to purchase new aircraft for President Bola Tinubu and Vice-President Kashim Shettima.

The committee’s recommendation is contained in a report released after its investigation into the status of the aircraft in the presidential air fleet.

“The committee is of the strong and informed opinion that, considering the fragile structure of the Nigerian federation and recognising the dire consequences of any foreseen or unforeseen mishap that may arise as a result of the technical or operational inadequacy of the presidential air fleet, it is in the best interest of the country to procure two additional aircraft as recommended,” the report reads.

“This will also prove to be most cost-efficient in the long run, apart from the added advantage of providing a suitable, comfortable, and safe carrier befitting of the status and responsibilities of the office of the president and vice-president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

In May, the house of representatives mandated the committee to conduct a “comprehensive investigation” into the aircraft in the presidential fleet to ascertain their airworthiness and technical status.

The House resolution was sequel to a motion sponsored by Satomi Ahmed, chairman of the House Committee.

There was a heated debate on the floor of House when the motion was moved.

Some lawmakers suggested that the President should travel via commercial aircraft or by road.

Ahmed’s motion followed reports of faulty aircraft in the presidential air fleet, forcing the President to use a chartered plane from the Netherlands to Saudi Arabia during his recent trip abroad.


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