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BREAKING: Appeal Court Sets Aside Bwacha, Binani’s Nullification



The Court of Appeal sitting in Yola has set aside the High Court ruling nullifying Emmanuel Bwacha and Aisha Binani elections as the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidates for Taraba and Adamawa states respectively.

The court ordered that their names should be forwarded to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as APC governorship candidates for both states.

Details later…

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2023: I Will Reduce Unemployment By 50% In My First Year, Kola Abiola Vows



The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) presidential candidate, Kola Abiola has said if elected in the 2023 polls, he will reduce the country’s unemployment rate by half.

The latest figures by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) put Nigeria’s unemployment rate at 33.3 percent as of the fourth quarter of 2020.

Abiola, who spoke on Friday during a live appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today, said he would prioritise sustainable growth and distribution to bolster the nation’s economy.

“I’m going to start it from day one,” he said. “In the first year, we would definitely halve the unemployment numbers. It’s all about sustainable growth and creating an economy. And we are going to do some things that require that we distribute.

“We’re going to run a market-based economy to create liquidity first. And that liquidity does not mean that the government doesn’t step in from time to time.”

According to him, Nigeria needs a marshal plan, including infrastructural development to increase blue-collar jobs as well as the white-collar jobs.

“We need to go back to agriculture; we need to do it right. We need to make sure that all our river basins come to serve and do what they should do.

PRP presidential candidate Kola Abiola appeared on Channels Television’s Politics Today on December 2, 2022.

“We need to make sure that agric is not just crops, but value added. We need to get our science and technology to add value to our produce,” he said.

Speaking on the complexity of the country’s oil and gas sector, Abiola described it as a “double whammy.”

He listed some of the issues to tackle in the sector to include leakages, corruption, and low production.

“We need to at least produce a million barrels a day to make the numbers work. We’ve worked it out and with that, we need to stop domestic production. We need to make sure that we get the value added from our oil.

“After 63 years of crude production, we’re still importing products? And all we do is export? It will be stopped,” he said.

Responding to the Federal Government’s plans to remove subsidy by June 2023, Abiola accused the Muhammadu Buhari administration of kicking the can down the road, saying if it was willing to execute the plan, it would do so with immediate effect.

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NGF Faults FG Over Poverty Index Claim, Says Minister Got It All Wrong



The governors of the 36 states of the federation have said they are surprised by the Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Mr. Clement Agba over his accusation against them for Nigeria’s poverty index.

The Federal Government, through the National Bureau of Statistics, in November, said 130 million Nigerians are poor, representing 63 per cent of the nation’s population.

Recall that the minister had after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting on Wednesday told journalists that the Federal Government’s social investment plan had not impacted optimally because of a lack of cooperation from the state governors.

According to Agba, the governors concentrate on executing “bogus projects,” rather than improving lives in the rural areas.

But reacting in a statement signed by the Director of Media and Public Affairs, Nigeria Governors’ Forum Secretariat, Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo, the governors described the minister’s comments as unnecessary and diversionary, saying they represent a “brazen descent into selective amnesia.”

According to them, the assertion by the minister that the rural populace had been abandoned by governors is not only preposterous and without any empirical basis, but also very far from the truth.

The governors also stated that in this scenario, the “dereliction” the minister talked about lay strictly at the doorstep of the Federal Government.

Saying that it did not indulge in joining issues with the Federal Executive Council, the NGF explained that its primary mandate was to partner with all well-meaning institutions; concerns; ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs); and individuals for the progress of the Nigerian people.

The governors urged top government functionaries to always provide Nigerians with the requisite answers rather than what they described as pointing incentives on soft targets which they said did not help matters.

Read full statement:

The tirade early this week by the Minister of state for Budget and National Planning Mr. Clement Agba, on the 36 Governors, where he blamed them for the rising poverty index in the country comes to the Nigeria Governors’ Forum as a surprise. The Minister got his message totally wrong.

His attacks are not only unnecessary, but they represent a brazen descent into selective amnesia. It is also diversionary as far as the Governors are concerned.

The Minister who should be responding to a question demanding to know what he and his colleague, the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, were doing to ameliorate the hardship Nigerians are facing attempted to defray the notion that rising levels of hunger and lack were peculiar to Nigeria.

True as that may be Mr. Agba went further to explain that their government, through many of its social security programs, has been dedicating resources to alleviating hardship, and then goes further to accuse state governors of misdirecting resources to projects that have no impact on the people.

While rightly pointing out that that 72% of the poverty in Nigeria is found in the rural areas, the Minister said that the rural populace had been abandoned by governors.

This assertion is not only preposterous and without any empirical basis, but also very far from the truth. It is Mr. Clement Agba’s veiled and deliberate effort, as a minister, to protect his paymasters and politicize very critical issues of national importance. Instead of answering the question thrown at him by journalists, Mr. Agba veered his attention to soft targets that happen to be 36 Governors.

It is the opinion of the Governors that the dereliction that the Minister is talking about lies, strictly speaking, at the doorstep of the Federal Government which he represents, in this scenario.

First and foremost, the primary duty of any government is to ensure the security of lives and property, without which no sensible human activity takes place. But the Federal Government which is responsible for the security of lives and property has been unable to fulfil this covenant with the people thus allowing bandits, insurgents, and kidnappers to turn the country into a killing field, maiming and abducting people, in schools market squares and even on their farmlands.

This dereliction of duty from the center is the main reason why people have been unable to engage in regular agrarian activity and in commerce. Today, rural areas are insecure, markets are unsafe, surety of travels are improbable and life for the common people generally is harsh and brutish.

The question is, how can a defenceless rural population maintain a sustainable lifestyle of peace and harmony when their lives are cut prematurely, and they wallow permanently in danger? How does a minister whose government has been unable to ensure security, law and order have the temerity to blame governors?

Two states, Edo State and Akwa Ibom State had promptly responded to the vituperations of the Minister. According to Akwa Ibom State, what determines poverty and unemployment in a country is its economic policy, which is set, normally by the central government nationally. Akwa Ibom insists that the Federal Government cannot abdicate its responsibility by blaming states and goes further to ask, albeit rhetorically, how economic policies in a state drive the dollar which determines almost every aspect of our national existence.

In its response to Clement Agba, Edo State, on the other hand, reeled out the projects the state embarked upon which were targeted at alleviating poverty among its people. Mr. Agba is perceptibly oblivious of them. Many other states have been implementing pro-poor programs in their domain, and they are there for all to see.

Although the Minister committed the folly of tarring all thirty-six governors with the same brush, there cannot be a one-size-fits all reply to the Minister’s misguided outburst.

For example, it is the Federal Government that, in its campaign message in 2019, promised to take 100 million Nigerians out of poverty. Today, records show that more than 130 million Nigerians are living below the globally accepted poverty line of a dollar a day.

Under the current administration that Mr. Clement Agba is minister, the national cash cow, the NNPC, had failed to remit statutory allocations to states in several months. The situation had compelled governors to rely on other sources of revenue like, the SFTAS program and other interventions anchored by the NGF, to fund states activities while monies budgeted for such federal ministries as Agriculture, Rural Development and Humanitarian Affairs are not being deployed in the direction of the people.

So, where is the Minister getting his unverified facts and figures from? It is important to mention here that only this week the House of Representatives asked the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouk, to quit office if she was not ready to do her work of alleviating poverty in the land. This, in other words, is a resounding vote of no confidence on the ministers among whom Mr. Agba serves.

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum would like to state categorically that it does not indulge in joining issues with the Federal Executive Council, being a non-partisan organ. The NGF’s primary mandate is to partner with all well-meaning institutions, concerns, MDAs, and individuals for the progress of the Nigerian people. However, it is important to put on record the progress made by state governors in the administration of their states, which have witnessed tremendous progress in recent time. Governors have undertaken projects where they, in conjunction with their people, deem them fit for purpose. Governors have today shown greater responsiveness to the yearnings and aspirations of their people, and these vary from one state to another. The opinion, therefore, of one minister, based on a survey of 56 000 households in a country of 200million people can never diminish the good work that 36 pro-poor minded Governors are doing for this country.

Finally, it is important to admonish top government functionaries like Mr. Clement Agba that the Nigerian people deserve answers from even those who are appointed to serve them and these finger-pointing invectives on soft targets do not help matters, only answers do.


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Twitter Post: ‘This Is Pure Medicine After Death’, Nigerians React As Aisha Buhari Withdraws Defamation Case Against Aminu Adamu



By Augustine Akhilomen

Nigerians on social media have describe the decision of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari to withdraw the case against a final-year student of the Federal University, Dutse, Aminu Adamu over his twitter post as ‘medicine after death’.

Recall that Aminu was two weeks ago, picked up by security operatives and whisked to Abuja over comments on Aisha’s weight.

He was arraigned on Tuesday, November 30, before Justice Yusuf Halilu of the Federal Capital Territory High Court in Maitama, where he pleaded not guilty and was remanded at Suleja Correctional Centre in Niger State.

But withdrawing the case against the accused on Friday, the Prosecution Counsel, Fidelis Ogbobe, said the First Lady as the mother of the nation decided to withdraw it, following the intervention of well-meaning Nigerians.

However, the decision has generated wild reactions from Nigerians as they faulted the First Lady’s initial arrest of Aminu.

@jaybell -The first lady has proven that she can be power if she is in the position of a president.

@anthony -After allowing the poor boy to experience small trauma in detention, the first lady now feels releasing him now make her win our heart is pure lie.

@Jerome -She has not really played the role as the mother of the nation with her treatment of the young man.

@Paul -Sincerely, we live in a society where freedom of speech cant be guaranteed.

@Ladipo -Obviously, Mrs Aisha Buhari has done the damages already and releasing the him is like medicine after death.

@Kjol -The truth is, the APC govt has shown to us that they cant be trusted with powers again.

@Ethel -Nigeriajns have a decision to make between choosing a govt that will choke you and someone that will give you freedom of expression.

@LessonThem As it should be. I can’t [email protected] let themselves be used by the wife of the president. This is a country and not Buhari family house.

@owomano She’s a disgrace to motherhood and should cover her eyes in Shame for the remaining part of this administration

@IgweAfrica1 Fundamental human rights sha Dey work for this country Tueh 😤

@prinnccejosh Tyranny has no place in democracy, but in Nigeria, tyranny and despotism have become our own democracy. Well done, Madam Aisha.

@WisdomUchenna17 You can track an innocent boy but can’t track and wipe herdsmen and boko haram. Ndi ara

@Uto_nwa1 If not the way people raised alarm, they could have left him there to rot in jail.Omo…nothing surprises me in Nigeria anymore, the rich on a steady pressing the poor’s neck. Am sure he already learnt his lessons

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